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Modernist Art Retreat - Lake Panorama. Modernist Art Retreat - Dock View. Modernist Art Retreat - Garden Perspective.
Modernist Art Retreat - First Floor Plan. Modernist Art Retreat - Second Floor Plan.
Modernist Art Retreat - Studio Desk Perspective. Modernist Art Retreat - Living Space Perspective. Modernist Art Retreat - Studio Library Perspective. Modernist Art Retreat - Kitchen Perspective.
Modernist Art Retreat - Section AA. Modernist Art Retreat - Sustainable Diagrams.
Modernist Art Retreat
- Type: Single Family Dwelling
- Location: Western United States
- Square Footage: 2,000 S.F
- Construction: HIB Wall System

Lakeside Panorama

The 2nd Floor Work Deck shows one of the major architectural concepts explored on this project; framing and capturing the exterior environment. The close proximity to a variety of natural elements drove this design inspirationd.

Sunset on The Dock

As the sets on the dock, the beautiful mountainous backdrop of the surrounding environment is brought to life. Here the house's openness to the lake is revealed.

Lakeside Garden Perspective

The lakeside garden allows over 300 square foot of gardening space, and made easily accesbile by circulation pads placed throughout the garden. These pads provide intimate interactions with the garden while allowing sufficent work space for the gardener.

Ground Floor Plan

Possible Legend for Ground Floorplan goes here?

2nd Floor Plan

Possible Legend for 2nd Floorplan goes here?

Art Studio - Work Desk

A diagram showing the Green Layering Strategy and Site Irrigation plan. Oasis West was intended to be both a functional and aestetically pleasing community garden, with a variety of different garden types to attract a variety of gardeners and residents.

Living Space

The Living Space is supported by the living module, allowing all the amneties of a traditional family living room. The module is also designed to be highly customizable, with easy installation and removal of elements like shelves and fireplaces.

Art Studio - Library

The Studio Library has over 400 linear feet of book shelving space, alloting enough storage space for over 1,000 books. Additional cabinetry space is also provided to support the adjacent work desk.

Kitchen and Dining

The Kicthen and Dining space was designed to maximize its small square footage, providing a balanced relationship between the kicthen and dining areas. Lake views are also provided from the Kitchen space, withs comfortable shun shading provided by the overhead roof.

Section AAn

A sectional study of the Modernist Lake Retreat, facing West. Passive ventilation was a priority during design and development, with air easily entering from the lake shore amd then subsequently evacuating from the 2nd Floor

Sustainable Design

The Modernist Art Retreat is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. A simple rainwater collection systems provides 60% savings on water usage for an average family household, while the HIB Wall system cuts construction costs and timing.